Signal 11, has a wide range of expertise which can help you get your project off the ground, come in on schedule, or provide specialized consultation.

Embedded Systems

The last ten years has seen an explosion in the use of embedded systems in the consumer space. With the wide range of embedded devices in use today, demand has risen sharply for development services related to embedded product development. Signal 11 has extensive experience with many types of embedded systems including 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers and CPUs from Microchip, Freescale, Intel (8051/8052), Texas Instruments, Atmel, and others, including firmware development, hardware consultation, Linux board bringup, device drivers, Linux kernel and userspace configuration, and more.

Multi-Platform Application Development

With platforms like Linux and Macintosh becoming more popular in recent years, it is becoming increasingly important to develop software in a way that is protected against the future. Signal 11 has extensive experience on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, and regularly develops software which targets all three simultaneously. The use of portable application frameworks and libraries like Gtk+, Qt, Fox-Toolkit, libusb, HIDAPI, libpcap, Math3d, Open Scene Graph, and SQLite both helps to ensure your software will work in the future and makes it more portable today.


Signal 11 has specific expertise in the following:

  • Embedded Linux Development
    • Design, development, and integration
    • Kernel and userspace configuration and build systems
    • Kernel development
    • Board support
    • Device Drivers
  • Application Development for Linux, Mac, and Windows
    • Cross-platform applications and libraries
    • GUI, Networking, 3D, Audio, High Performance
    • Hardware/software integration
    • Application Porting
  • Firmware Development
    • Microchip PIC (8-, 16-, 32-bit)
    • Intel 8051/8052
    • Freescale/Motorola S12
  • USB Development
    • Host-side with libusb and HIDAPI
    • Device-side with M-Stack and the Microchip MAL
    • Linux USB device drivers
    • Training Services
    • Bootloaders
  • Linux Device Drivers
    • USB
    • Bluetooth
    • HID
    • SPI
    • network
    • PCI
    • 802.15.4 wireless
  • Simulation and Training
    • IG Integration with CIGI and proprietary protocols
    • 3-D application development using OpenGL and Open Scene Graph
    • Audio development with OpenAL
    • X-Plane plug-in development and integration