M-Stack is a free, easy-to-use USB device stack for PIC 16F, 18F, 24F, and 32MX Microcontrollers. Suitable licenses are available for both commerical and open-hardware use.

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IG Scanner 1.0

Designed to ease the task of host integration with Rockwell Collins EPX Image Generators (IG's), IG Scanner allows users to visually inspect a host data stream as it travels between Simulator and IG.

IG Scanner can save hours of debugging time by displaying host traffic visually. No more searching through pages and pages of raw binary data to find the specific opcodes you're looking for.

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PC/104 I/O System

Designed to leverage standard, commercial off-the-shelf hardware, the Signal 11 PC/104 I/O System can provide low-cost I/O solutions for simulation systems.

The Signal 11 System is easy to configure, has a simple host interface, and has a real-time display of all the I/O sources (analog and digital) on the system console for easy integration and on-site debugging.

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