PlayCap - Playback for Wireshark Captures

PlayCap plays back captures made from Wireshark, tcpdump, WinDump, or any libpcap-based application. PlayCap was originally (and still is) a part of IG Scanner by Signal 11 Software, but was spun off as a separate app and released as Open Source software.

Who Would Want This?

Anyone who wants to be able to replay files captured from Wireshark or a similar program. Protocols which are UDP-based or raw ethernet based likely benefit the most from this kind of tool. In the simulation industry, this is ideal for playing back data sent to image generators (IG's).

What Platforms Does it Run On?

PlayCap currently has been tested on Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10. More platforms will be tested soon.

Where Can I Get It?

PlayCap is currently hosted on GitHub. Source code and a Windows installer are downloadable from the Download Page. To get the latest trunk revision (if you have git installed) run the following:
 git clone git://

How do I Build It?

PlayCap uses CMake on Linux and Windows. Build instructions are located in the README.txt file, which is part of the distribution.


PlayCap is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Signal 11 Software - 2009-12-19