Data Fields

msc_command_block_wrapper Struct Reference
[USB MSC Class Enumerations and Descriptors]

MSC Bulk-Only Data Command Block Wrapper. More...

#include <usb_msc.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t dCBWSignature
uint32_t dCBWTag
uint32_t dCBWDataTransferLength
uint8_t bmCBWFlags
 Data to be transfered.
uint8_t bCBWLUN
 bit 0x80=data-in, 0x00=data-out
uint8_t bCBWCBLength
 Lower 4 bits only; length of CBWCB.
uint8_t CBWCB [16]

Detailed Description

MSC Bulk-Only Data Command Block Wrapper.

See BOT, 5.1

Field Documentation

bit 0x80=data-in, 0x00=data-out

Lower 4 bits only

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