Data Fields

device_descriptor Struct Reference
[USB Chapter 9 Enumerations and Descriptors]

Device Descriptor. More...

#include <usb_ch9.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bLength
uint8_t bDescriptorType
uint16_t bcdUSB
 Set to 0x0200 for USB 2.0.
uint8_t bDeviceClass
uint8_t bDeviceSubclass
uint8_t bDeviceProtocol
uint8_t bMaxPacketSize0
 Max packet size for ep 0.
uint16_t idVendor
uint16_t idProduct
uint16_t bcdDevice
uint8_t iManufacturer
 index of manufacturer string descriptor
uint8_t iProduct
 index of product string descriptor
uint8_t iSerialNumber
 index of serial number string descriptor
uint8_t bNumConfigurations

Detailed Description

Device Descriptor.

Field Documentation

Max packet size for ep 0.

Must be 8, 16, 32, or 64.

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