Data Fields

hid_device_info Struct Reference

#include <hidapi.h>

Data Fields

char * path
unsigned short vendor_id
unsigned short product_id
wchar_t * serial_number
unsigned short release_number
wchar_t * manufacturer_string
wchar_t * product_string
unsigned short usage_page
unsigned short usage
int interface_number
struct hid_device_infonext

Detailed Description

hidapi info structure

Field Documentation

The USB interface which this logical device represents. Valid on both Linux implementations in all cases, and valid on the Windows implementation only if the device contains more than one interface.

Manufacturer String

Pointer to the next device

Platform-specific device path

Device Product ID

Product string

Device Release Number in binary-coded decimal, also known as Device Version Number

Serial Number

unsigned short hid_device_info::usage

Usage for this Device/Interface (Windows/Mac only).

Usage Page for this Device/Interface (Windows/Mac only).

Device Vendor ID

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