USB and the Real World
ELC 2014 Presentation Material


At the Linux Foundation's Embedded Linux Conference in April of 2014, I gave a presentation titled USB and the Real World. This page contains the presentation material and the code used for testing.

The code is a snapshot of what was used for the demo with minimal cleanup. Some of the code is kernel-derived, and is thus GPLv2. The libusb application is derived from M-Stack test code and can be used for any purpose (see the license header in the files).


PDF of the presentation as given

Once the video has been posted by Free Electrons, A link will be placed here. This usually happens 1-2 months after the conference ends.

Demo Software and Configuration

Device/Gadget side (BeagleBone Black)

Device side (ChipKit Max32)


I hope you find this material useful. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Alan Ott
Signal 11 Software