PC/104 I/O System


Leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware is important to the simulation industry for reasons of cost, availability, and dependibility. The Signal 11 PC/104 I/O System leverages the industry standard PC/104 architecture to create an I/O system suitable for integration into simulators and industrial devices alike. The device is easily configured through the on-screen console interface, and data is provided to the host through a standard ethernet connection. In addition to relying on COTS hardware, the system also relies on COTS software, as it runs under embedded Linux, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.

The system currently supports digital, analog, optoisolated, and relay I/O using PC/104 add-on boards from Diamond Systems, Tri-M Engineering and others. Because of the architecture of the software, support for new or custom boards can be easily added to suit the user. Please contact us for more details on adding support for new board types.

The host interface for the I/O system uses an easy-to-use UDP protocol over Ethernet. The system can be expanded by putting multiple PC/104 stacks on the same network, in order to provide more I/O channels, or to facilitate spatial requirements.

Status Display

On the console, the I/O System displays all the I/O data in an easy-to-read format, suitable for use during integration or for maintenance after the system is deployed. The system has one page for each I/O board installed in the system.

Configuration Pages

Each peripheral I/O board is easily configured through its configuration page. Base addresses, GPIO port directions, analog voltage ranges, and other behaviors can easily be set from the user interface.

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