IG Scanner


Designed to ease the task of host integration with commercial Image Generators (IG's) using EPX, ESIG, or CIGI protocols, IG Scanner allows users to visually inspect a host packet data stream as it travels between Simulation Host and IG. Supporting both host and IG traffic, IG Scanner separates each packet into its opcodes and headers and displays all the data visually in an easy to use tree format.

IG Scanner provides a powerful search tool to speed up the tracking down of problems and inspection of data. In addition to capturing packets directly off the wire, IG Scanner can read previously saved capture files from Tcpdump, Ethereal, and WireShark. IG Scanner can save hours of debugging time by displaying host traffic visually. All fixed-point data (eg: Scaled Distance-32, Scalar A-32, etc) is automatically converted and base-10 decimal values are displayed. No more searching through pages and pages of raw binary data to find the specific opcodes you are looking for.

IG Scanner can be installed on a host computer running Windows or Linux, or it can be installed directly on the IG itself (for example the EPX RT computer). When installed on the IG, it can be used to diagnose network topography issues, transport delay, packet loss, and other network-related problems.

Advanced Search

Probably the most useful feature of the IG Scanner is the advanced search. As shown below, the advanced search window allows the user to search for any opcode type matching user definable parameters. The example below shows a search for the opcode which binds motion system 4. The advanced search feature supports all standard and extended opcodes.

Core Features

  • Supports all current EPX opcodes.
  • Supports CIGI version 3.3.
  • Supports legacy ESIG opcodes.
  • Supports search and display of all opcode data including bit fields.
  • Simple text searching.
  • Advanced search capability enables searching for data in any opcode field.
  • Easy inspection of raw data for any opcode.
  • Jitter Analysis.
  • Record and Synced Playback of data stream.
  • Automatic conversion of ESIG fixed-point types into decimal.
  • Conversion of 36-bit angle fields.
  • Opens captures saved by Ethereal, Wireshark, TCPDump, and WinDump.
  • Can capture traffic directly off the wire.
  • Identification of bad or invalid opcodes.
  • Export to CSV for analysis in popular spreadsheet programs.
  • Easy to use. Easy to find exact data you're looking for
  • Works on Linux and Windows platforms

Obtaining a Demo Copy

Demonstration copies of IG Scanner are available upon request. Please contact us via phone or email to request a free copy for Windows or Linux.

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